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“ सर्वमङ्गलमाङ्गल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थसाधिके । शरण्ये त्र्यम्बके गौरि नारायणि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥

About Us

 ॐ जय माता दी ॐ

Every history associated with this website is imaginary, our mission is only to connect people with our culture. Our mission is not to hurt anyone's feelings.

The Jaimaamansadevi.com website tells about Hindu history. This website has been connected to the internet since 2011. The first name of this website was jaimaa.manifo.com which was changed from 2019 to Jaimamansadevi.com

In this website you are told about the temple information, Aarti, Stuti, Bhet, Avatar, festival, Panchang, Chalisa, Mantra, Veda-Purana, other names of deities etc.

No currency or donation is taken from anyone on this website in any way.

No astrology, pandit, tantric is connected to this website, this website is a small project created by the students.

If you also want to share any temple or culture related post through this website, please contact us at sajanbhatiachd@gmail.com

Note: If you regret any of our posts, please contact mansadevichd@gmail.com

Thanks & Regards:
Sajan Bhatia

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